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When an idea is more than an idea…

Blog Post #3
So after one single creative AHA moment, “If Wishes Wore Wings”, our first KreativeKindness embroidery collection has made it way to embroidery machine owners around the country…(sounds like a quick and easy process –not! And I must send out many, many thanks to some pretty amazing and creative people who took time out of their busy worlds to hear my ideas, brainstorm with me and believe in the powerful concept behind this embroidery machine collection). After hundreds of hours of doodling, sketching, coloring, photos, instructions carefully constructed, sample projects stitched and packages re-designed, this new Cactus Punch collection is now officially available! Yahoo! The best feeling in the world is to have this tugging idea in your head you just have to get out on paper or in fabric because it is so incredibly important that you figure out some way to share it.
Ideas are always a great way of expression but when your idea is able to be sent out to the world in hopes of making a difference in women’s lives, it becomes an overwhelmingly proud moment. Proud of everyone involved, everyone who encouraged it to happen, everyone who stuck their neck out to bring an unconventional and new embroidery concept to life…and most proud of what others will do with it to make a difference. Sounds a little on the heavy side but when you’re a creative person (which I know most of you reading this are in your own way) you just love ideas, right? Isn’t an awesome moment when a plan comes together from one single idea?
Here’s my idea for you…use this collection to learn new things on your embroidery machine (ie: our new technique KreativeKollage, appliqué, ARtQuilting, layering, beading.) Use this collection to make your next quilt borders and stippling or your first ARtQuilt. Use this collection to share an ARtAngel with someone celebrating life or healing from the loss of one. Use this collection with my hand-dyed fabrics included on the CD that you can print on your computer printer or pick fabrics dear to you. Make your ARtAngel whimsical, victorian, dainty or layered with pieces home décor fabrics you’ve embroidered with textures. Fill her surfaces with ephemera and assembled words of your own. Enjoy this creative journey as you bond with your machine in a new art level of sorts, create with your personal message and ‘soul’ purpose…

And then, pass her on.

Every story has an ARtAngel...what's yours?