create them. stitch them. embellish them.

share them.

An AHA moment...

Spending the last few years filling my spare moments riding in the car or sitting waiting for kids, I have feverishly doodled creative projects of things I want to accomplish before I depart (that bucket list of sorts) or share with others while I am able. I would scribble sketches of things I would love to create someday on my machine. Projects that I would someday be able to make and inspire others to try.
And then one day, Darlene walked into my small sewing machine shop. She stopped by to show me two mini art quilts she made. I had not known Darlene for a very long time but knew she had recently been shocked with a breast cancer diagnosis and was in the beginning of treatments. As any sewing machine shop owner would do, I respectfully asked her if I could display her works of art to show others (you know we are always looking for great samples). She offered to leave me one but explained to me that the other was being delivered to a woman she had just met at the treatment center during her visits. Darlene was on her way to the center to surprise her new friend who was celebrating her last treatment at the center that afternoon. (Here's where the AHA moment happened for me). Here was a woman who was helping another woman celebrate life and her successes. She was on her way to surprise her new acquaintance with a hand created gift, a piece of art, a part of herself. And to a woman she barely knew. Her creation was completely a message of support, camaraderie, understanding and inspiration, a job well done, you did it! With tough weeks still ahead for Darlene herself, she found a reason to create, share and celebrate. What an inspiration!
Now for the previous months I had been doodling out my ARtAngels on paper with colored pencils, hand-drawn beads and sketched words of inspiration all over their surfaces…in hopes of someday bringing them to life in a stitched fabric version. I knew with their spaces filled with words, doodles and beautiful fabric pieces that they would be perfect to carry messages of encouragement, celebration, healing and inspiration. (AHA) A hand-created gift to share, they would be. And so the collection began, “If Wishes Wore Wings…I would send this your way”.
Darlene, thanks for helping to make someday happen for me.

Every story has an ARtAngel...what's yours?