create them. stitch them. embellish them.

share them.

In the Beginning...

As a new blogger, I am pretty excited to be able to 'journal' and share my creative thoughts, ideas and inspiration. I have been a writer, doodler and 'stitcher' since the early years of junior high. I have had an incredible amount of people in my world who inspired and encouraged me...from family to teachers. My grandmother, Mary nurtured my new found interest in sewing by purchasing a mail-order red floral calico cotton bikini kit intended as one of my first teenage sewing projects. Now I have to tell you, I have never had the body shape or nerve for a bikini but she thought differently and that was enough for her... so daily we worked together on this cotton bikini (which by the way, I did wear in the pool...with my dad's white t-shirt over it "to prevent sunburn" but we were both happy about my new accomplishment). Teachers in my very large high school encouraged and supported my passion for sewing and business by offering me independent and specialized courses (after I had taken all the formal curriculum classes in these areas by the time I was a junior) What a huge boost for my self esteem as a tall geeky redhead with aviator glasses who pretty much had to sew almost everything I wore... And of course my mom, Florence, who's strength and tolerance showed me to accept and deal with what life hands you, make the most of it and have fun (the lemon to lemonade theory).
Three powerful influences and so it began...this passion for creativity, sharing and passing on inspiration to others...
So, here it is...For the last 15 years I have had a career selling sewing machines and love what I do. But to let you in on a secret...what began as a means to help support my family turned into a bigger reason... the pleasure in inspiring and spending time with others who also look at cloth and thread as way of expression, therapy, camaraderie, art and life. And many AHA moments have occured in my career but my 'mini quilt encounter' with Darlene was a biggie and helped birth IF WISHES WORE WINGS.

Every story has an ARtAngel...what's yours?