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Blog Post #4
Since I am a mixed-media crazed woman (defined as absolutely loving to use my sewing and embroidery machine with so many different medias, textures, quilt and embellishing techniques) I knew this collection had to make mixed media with the embroidery machine simply beautiful…or should I say simple and beautiful?
Since I am a poet and might be mildly obsessed with books filled with positive and motivating prose it was important to me that this collection was full of inspiring heartfelt expression and that words of inspiration danced on the collaged and embroidered hooped surfaces.
Since I am a texture, fabric and ‘bling’ addict, this collection had to have the opportunity to use different materials, stamps, tulles and layers of texture, bling and baubles. I love to use sequins, fabric bits and pieces in the KreativeKollage process…since I throw not a single scrap away! And the embroidery machine has no problem stitching over shiny sequins held in place with layers of fine tulle.
Since I am a machine shop owner working with women daily, I have had the opportunity to develop hundreds of friendships, hear thousands of personal tales, while hysterically laughing and sharing tears alongside many different women of the same thread.
Since I am a mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend I have discovered it’s important to explore a whole different level of creating combining the tools and equipment we are blessed to have, the talents we’ve been given and to share the process or projects with others not as fortunate as we may be today.
Since I am lucky enough to take an idea and be given the chance to share on some sort of ‘worldly’ level, it is most important to me that these designs are stitched out and shared in hopes of lifting someone, inspiring someone or simply letting them know through threads, fibers and stitched words how much they mean to you.
And I hope that possibly not knowing that someone yet won’t stop you from creating for her. Join together with others to create your quilted, embroidered and embellished ARtAngels. Share the process, learn together and embellish as you go. (Sounds a bit like life itself, doesn’t it?!)

And then, pass her on.

Every story has an ARtAngel...what's yours?