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This Fabulous Fourth-Quarter Frenzy

Blog Post #6
It’s December and it’s what I like to call the ‘Fourth-Quarter Frenzy’! I think it should actually be declared it’s own season…it’s that time of the year when we’re cramming it all in before the holidays are here, the year comes to a close and we continue to make daily and unrealistic lists of things to accomplish before your head hits the pillow…The nicest thing about Fourth-Quarter Frenzy is if you’re like me, the winter weather of upstate New York and shorter daylight seems to give permission to the creative-at- heart to lock themselves up in their favorite room and get down to creating…since the garden and outdoor repairs just have to wait ‘til nicer days!
It’s also a good time to take an afternoon and take a deep breath, hang out with some fellow machine embroiderers and give back a small bit this season. I know sometimes giving back at the holiday can seem overwhelming, when so many are asking so much from you already. But look at it this way, aren’t we just begging for an excuse to stop the hustle and sit behind our embroidery machines? Don’t we just long for an excuse to play with our machines especially when our lives seem the busiest. You know the therapy and feeling of accomplishment a project gives us.

A QUICK PROJECT FOR MY FRIENDS...I spent the day on Saturday with some embroidering friends in a class at the shop...we stitched some great holiday tags using "KreativeKollage" and a shape that was built right on to their machines...we had a great time snipping up small holiday colored fabrics, adding sequins and metallic fibers was a bonus 'bling'! We made 10 tags in the hoop...all ready to attach to gifts, glue onto blank cards, make into fun holiday pins or stitch two together and make a gift card holder...they were all fabulous!

How about a holiday ARtAngel this season? What better way to create and send holiday thoughts and blessings…and get that slow-paced creative fix that can really help us maintain our balance and save our state of mind?! They stitch up quickly while your machine combines embroidery, applique and KreativeKollage! You'll love the mixed media!

Every story has an ARtAngel...what's yours?